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Our home


The 49507 zip code is one of the most diverse spaces in Grand Rapids, mi. We know that diversity is our strength. It means colorful stories, rich culture, delicious food, beautiful people and is the future of humanity.

We know that many of our neighbors have been estranged from resources and opportunity because of our diversity. This translates to higher incidences of stress and dietary related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

 That is exactly why South East Market's Home is in 49507 and we wouldn't have it any other way. 


We celebrate our neighbors and lift them up through increasing access to healthy food options through dignified means, education opportunities and community empowerment. 


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1 in 8

are food


What is Food Justice?

Food Justice happens when communities are able to grow, sell, and eat healthy food. Food justice is one piece of social and racial justice. Food justice means we have food options that speak to the equitable future we want to see. 

What Makes the Market Equitable?

Our food and products are sourced first by black and indigenous people of color and women. Additionally, our diligence to supporting businesses that respect environmental sustainability align The South East Market as the perfect place to shop for the ethical consumer.


We are more than a grocery store. We employ programming that educates our community for resiliency. We are in the business of building wealth for groups that have experienced systemic oppression.

It's hard work to do within the trying climate of west michigan for bipoc (Black, indigenous people of color) and women. however, we believe that through the power of intentional communities and radical sharing we will see change in our corner on earth.

We already have.


To increase access to healthy and culturally appropriate food for our community through a sustainable and equitable lens.




Meet the Team

Founder, Alita Kelly

A Grand Rapids native, Alita recently graduated from the University of Michigan in Environmental Science and Sustainable Business.

While building and managing multiple nutrition programs she found a passion for empowering equitable and sustainable food systems.

Outside of getting into good trouble, Alita is passionate about; food sovereignty, the benefits of travel, connecting to mother earth and conscious consumerism.

Co-Founder, Khara DeWit

A Hawai'i native, Khara brings her aloha vibes to the 49507 neighborhood, where she's lived for 15+ years.

As an entrepreneur, she found her niche in a relationship-based accounting practice, which birthed in her a passion of for-profit social enterprise.

Outside of getting into good trouble, Khara is jazzed about fostering generous communities, food as medicine, holistic health, and befriending the earth.

Khara and Alita immediately bonded over their shared philosophy of food as medicine and the spiritual benefits of being connected to Mother Earth.

Khara and Alita are both fueled by a passion to atone for the work their ancestors have done, working land that they never had the chance to own but served as vessels to bear its fruit. They believe that there is enough for everyone and live with an abundant mindset.


They’re excited to work in tandem to put equity and sustainability at the forefront of South East Market’s work and engage our community as the diverse leaders that we’re all aching to see.



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