Welcome to Freedom School

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Freedom School is a response to a lack of community and social unrest that we are experiencing as a community due to COVID and recent demonstrations spotlighting the inequities that black and brown communities have been grappling with. South East Market founder, Alita Kelly, decided to write the neighborhood match grant after she was spending time in her garden during the spring of 2020 and noticing how hungry the kids were in the neighborhood for engagement around the topics of equity and personal resiliency.

Some of the subjects and activities Freedom School engages the kids with include:

Food justice/Food Sovereignty

Kemetic yoga and meditation

Mindfulness activities

Learning about social movements of the past and present

Arts and Crafts

LGBTQ+ studies

Peace Circles

Celebrating Diverse Stories

Positive Self Affirmations  

Freedom School is full for this season but interested families can fill out this form for future consideration.

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