Meet Our Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor: Kayla Morgan of Resilient Roots Yoga

Kayla Morgan is a Foster Care Alumni and an undeniable force in the yoga community, actively and intentionally cultivating truly holistic wellness and inclusivity for all fitness levels, and ethnicities. A self-proclaimed self-love activist, she's on a mission to create safe spaces for all to change the narrative of their lives by practicing “I am” affirmations and developing their authentic yoga practice. This led her to found Resilient Roots Wellness, the platform from which she shares culturally expressive yoga rooted in Kemetic Teaching and infused with creative movement and music, offering guided meditations, Yoga for “Just US”,  Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness, and Trap Yoga.

On the cutting edge of the National yoga scene, you will find Kayla  at the forefront of conversations surrounding body positivity, Housing Injustice, and soul freedom- within her Grand Rapids Community and at All Network Conferences. When she is not working she is home with her three beautiful children.  Her liberating offerings and soulful, introspective teachings redefine what yoga is and who practices it, all the while inspiring many to remember they are brave, strong and resilient like the roots of our ancestors.  Kayla has recently self published The Resilient Roots: Gratitude Journal. The Resilient Roots Gratitude Journal was created to help survivors of traumatic events rebuild their confidence and self-esteem through gratitude lists, empowering quotes and "I am" affirmations.

A couple of minutes a day helps you to self-explore, but don’t worry if you miss a day or two, all spaces are not predated so you can keep your journal as personal as you want. Replace automatic negative self-talk and reduce stress in the mind and body by remembering who you are at your core and being thankful for the little things in life.

This journal is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who may need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Purchase here.

Recommended for, but not limited to, ages 11 years old and up.

Thank you Kayla for helping us stay grounded!

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